Paint a Spring Bicycle with Pansies workbook by Pamela Groppe

Paint a Spring Bicycle with Pansies workbook

Step by step painting lesson with photos and full size printable pattern. Link to complete video.

Please Note:

This is a digital product for download and print. Nothing will be sent to you.

A beginner friendly painting lesson on canvas!

25 pages of Step by step instructions with photos for easy reference. Links to helpful lessons that enhance or provide guidance for success. 

Full length video linked for you to easily follow!

Nothing beats watching someone paint a stroke you might not understand. The full length video to paint this bicycle and the pansies is linked for you to watch anytime you need. 

What's included?

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Spring Bicycle Painting with Pansies Workbook.pdf
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Your Spring Bicycle Painting With Pansies is adorable! Thanks for sharing!
I have learned so much from your instructions. Thank you, thank you.
Beautiful project….love the different colors.