Hollyhock Canvas Painting by Pamela Groppe

Hollyhock Canvas Painting

Step by step video workshop with printable pattern. Beginner friendly!

Paint yourself Happy!

Come paint these beautiful and colorful hollyhocks. Enjoy 8 step by step videos to paint along with. 

Build confidence!

You can paint this one easy stroke at a time, no need to be perfect! Embrace your unique style while gaining skills you will use again and again in your art journey.

What's included?

Video Icon 8 videos File Icon 2 files Text Icon 1 text file


Paint Hollyhocks Canvas Painting
Hollyhocks Canvas Painting Supply List.pdf
96.7 KB
Hollyhock Pattern Workshop001.pdf
48.3 KB
Paint Hollyhocks 1.mp4
9 mins
Paint Hollyhocks 2 (leaves).mp4
9 mins
Paint Hollyhocks 3 (undercoat).mp4
13 mins
Paint Hollyhocks 4.mp4
16 mins
Painting Hollyhocks 5.mp4
11 mins
Paint Hollyhocks 6.mp4
19 mins
Painting Hollyhocks 7 white flowers and centers.mp4
17 mins
Paint Hollyhocks 8.mp4
14 mins

Download a Pattern

A free printable pattern is included and a supply list including colors used for both paintings. 
Paint one or both! 


I am a new artist!! Pamela’s videos are easy to follow. She repeats steps to improve student knowledge retention!! I also like that she will share her shortcoming in executing, for instance, the back view of a poppy. It makes for decreased frustration for the new artist!!
Her lessons are easy to follow and fun!

Meet the Instructor

Pamela started painting in 1997 during a rough patch in life. Learning quickly from books, videos and classes she went on to get certified to teach in 2003.
Wanting to make it easy for everyone to learn to paint and enjoy the relaxing benefits she started the website Pamela Groppe Art.
Free, easy lessons are offered there and the in depth workshops, work books, painting patterns and more are here in the shop. 
Please join us & Happy Painting!