Start Painting Quickly, Easily and Successfully by Pamela Groppe

Want to paint but don't know where to start?

Sometimes starting is the hardest part. 
Don't worry, I make it so simple and fun.  This course includes 5 easy projects you can create. 
Each project is unique but you can mix up and do what you like and if you make mistakes they are easily fixed. 
The high quality yet affordable supplies keep this budget friendly for everyone. 
Not only does each lesson teach you different designs but as you paint each project you are developing muscle memory so that painting becomes second nature. 

Don't have time to paint?

I hear you! 
We are all so busy and finding time to enjoy just being creative can seem impossible. 
In this workshop I break each lesson down into small increments of time so you can fit it into your day without feeling guilty.
You can start and stop as you need!

Start Painting Quickly, Easily and Successfully

You can learn to paint, one easy step at a time. Finish 5 projects while you learn to paint!

No need to fear!

Learning to paint isn't as complicated as many think. 
Taking it one step at a time you will learn how it feels as the paint flows from the brush. 
How to fix mistakes easily and just enjoy the process. 
This workshop will get you started painting quickly and easily! 

What's included?

Video Icon 28 videos File Icon 1 file Text Icon 4 text files


Welcome to this Workshop
2 mins
Suggested Supplies
Using Worksheets
3 mins
Creating 5 Petal Flowers
Brush Loading & Tips
9 mins
Practice the Flower
Blue Flower Worksheet001.pdf
1.63 MB
Simple Stroke Flower
8 mins
Purple Hydrangea
Purple Hydrangea Supplies and Demo
5 mins
Paint Purple Hydrangeas
12 mins
Purple Hydrangea Project
10 mins
Apple Blossoms on Branch
Supplies for Blossoms
1 min
Painting Branches
4 mins
Painting Blossoms
9 mins
Adding Details
9 mins
Bonus: Pear Blossoms
3 mins
24 mins
Red Geraniums
Geranium Supplies
1 min
Bonus- Paint Geranium Leaves
4 mins
Geranium Stems
2 mins
Demo Paint Geranium Petals & Buds
11 mins
Geraniums Project
27 mins
Fun little Butterflies
Supplies for Butterflies
Painting Butterflies
12 mins
Butterfly project
23 mins
Easy Delphiniums
Delphinium supplies
Delphinium Stems & Leaves
3 mins
Delphinium Buds
4 mins
Delphinium Flowers
6 mins
Delphinium Project
27 mins
Delphinium Project Part 2
18 mins
Bonus Modules
Brush Care
5 mins
Protective Finish
8 mins
Bonus: How to Paint Leaves
12 mins

Why online lessons?

Personal lessons are great but online can work even better for many.
You don't have to get in the car and travel to site. You can watch online lessons over and over. 
You can paint in your pajamas. The schedule is yours not the instructors. 
See what I mean about online lessons?


Thank you so much! I absolutely love your tutorials. They are very easy to follow.
Your paintings are so natural and ‘real’.  Thanks for your pretty ideas and painting lessons
Just want to thank you for sharing your gift of painting and the easy to understand instructions. Thank you so very much! 

Ready to get started?

I know you can do this! Learn to paint one easy stroke at a time. Relax, enjoy and create!
Yes, Please!