Fall Truck with Pumpkins Painting Masterclass by Pamela Groppe

Fall Truck with Pumpkins Painting Masterclass

Step by step videos for a fun Fall inspired painting tutorial. Detailed instructions with interesting options.


These are digital files only. Nothing will be sent to you. 

Included Workbook Pattern

Included is a photo workbook with instructions you can print and keep. Pattern for 2 sizes of trucks. 

What's included?

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Paint a Fall Truck with Pumpkins Masterclass
Fall Truck with Pumpkins Workbook
2.9 MB
Fall truck large pattern
27.3 KB
Fall truck small pattern
26.7 KB
Paint a Fall Truck Sky video
7 mins
Fall Truck Course Ground And Tree Trunks
7 mins
Fall Truck Leaves
14 mins
Fall Truck Course Transfer Pattern More Leaves
9 mins
Fall Truck Paint Road begin Truck
13 mins
Fall Truck paint Tires Dab Trees
11 mins
Fall Truck Make the trees Aspens
11 mins
Fall Truck Add drama to Forest, Undercoat Pumpkins
11 mins
Fall Truck Shadow Truck, Tail Lights
9 mins
Fall Truck Paint the Bumper and Orange Pumpkin
14 mins
Fall Truck Second Orange Pumpkin and more Details
11 mins
Fall Truck White Pumpkin, window spark
10 mins
Fall Truck Final touches
9 mins


I love your easy step by step methods!!
Really pretty. You make it so easy to follow your steps. Thank you.
Beautiful thank you so much for the lesson