Welcome to Pamela Groppe Art

Here you will find beginner friendly workshops, easy to follow step by step workbooks and more challenging painting lessons.
Want to paint yet don't know where to start?  Are you concerned with the right or wrong way to paint?

Don't overthink it! A big part of becoming an artist is believing in yourself and cultivating your passion.  That is more important than technique.

Think you are too busy? These lessons are broken up into small increments of time so you can fit it into your day. 

Just join in and get started painting quickly and easily. I start with inexpensive supplies you can get at most hobby stores or online.

I urge you throughout the lessons to relax and enjoy the journey. Don't try to be perfect just focus on having fun.  As you follow along you will develop your own painting style, embrace it!

Now let't get painting! 

Meet the Instructor

Pamela started painting in 1997 during a rough patch in life. Learning quickly from books, videos and classes she went on to get certified to teach in 2003.
Wanting to make it easy for everyone to learn to paint and enjoy the relaxing benefits she started the website Pamela Groppe Art.
Free, easy lessons are offered there and the in depth workshops, work books, painting patterns and more are here in the shop. 
Please join us & Happy Painting!